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Sound Ordnance Amplifiers

Deploy your decibals

Sound Ordnance amplifiers bring the forces of good sound to your vehicle at an affordable price. Whether you're powering a set of subs or kicking it up for your full-range speakers, SO amps have one mission – pump up the sound in your vehicle with take-no-prisoners sound.

Battle-ready, inside and out

Sound Ordnance amps look battle-hardened on the outside, but they're even tougher inside. Each SO amp houses rugged Class AB circuitry coupled with brawny capacitors that'll deploy plenty of clean power when you're pushing the volume. The output transistors are clamped firmly to heavy heatsinks to make sure the amp stays cool under fire. The distinctive case design features sturdy steel construction with machined side panels and removable plated endcaps for some extra shine. Thanks to the distinctive Sound Ordnance shield, everyone who checks out your system will know whose side you're on.

A battery of options at your command

Sound Ordnance amps provide the options you need to fully support your audio task force. Depending on the amplifier, you'll find bass boosts, high- and low-pass crossovers, subsonic filters, preamp outputs, speaker-level inputs, and even remote-mount bass controls.

Outfit your vehicle for your campaign

Whatever your audio mission, Sound Ordnance has the amp you need. Choose from mono, 2-channel, and 4-channel amps, with a variety of power ratings. Whatever your audio mission, Sound Ordnance has the amp you need.

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