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Sound Ordnance Loaded Sub Boxes

Arm your car with Sound Ordnance enclosed subs

Sound Ordnance subs bring the forces of good sound to your vehicle at an affordable price. And when it's time to bring out the big guns, our lineup of loaded sub boxes is ready to take on the challenge and kick your audio firepower up to the next level.

Subs that fit your mission

Sound Ordnance loaded subs come in ported and bandpass designs – both ready to rumble through the sound of road noise and let everyone know where you stand. Add the B-12 vented 12" sub to your system for slamming lows, or step it up with the B-17, a single 12" bandpass sound engine. If you're ready, unleash our ultimate expression of bass weaponry – the B-24 dual 12" bandpass box – guaranteed to flatten all opposition.

Good for the duration

SO loaded subs feature heavy-duty 5/8" MDF (medium-density fiberboard) construction. The subwoofers sport polypropylene cones with rubber surrounds, 2"-thick voice coils, and heavy-gauge stamped steel baskets. Black carpet, emblazoned with the Sound Ordnance logo, protects the boxes from scuffs and scratches, and lets everyone know that you've got Sound Ordnance gear on board, locked, loaded and ready to roll.

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