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P-Series 2-way Car Speakers

Add sonic firepower to your car’s audio arsenal

Sound Ordnance P-Series car speakers bring the forces of good sound to your vehicle at an affordable price. Featuring rugged no-nonsense construction, P-Series car speakers are backed with a 3-year warranty so you know they can endure an extended campaign.

P-Series component speakers

Sound Ordnance P-Series component speaker systems give you more of a good thing by separating the woofers and tweeters so that each can perform to its full potential. External crossovers direct the highs and lows right on target to the proper driver. The result? Tighter, crisper highs, stronger lows, and improved detail and definition in your system’s sound.

Built to last

All Sound Ordnance P-Series speakers are constructed around powder-coated steel baskets that hold steady when the volume is cranked. These tough and sturdy frames eliminate vibrations that can color your sound, letting the real tones of your music shine through.

Hard-charging style

Sound Ordnance P-Series speakers bring a no-nonsense look to your system, with distinctive logos, grilles, and a sharp-looking tweeter design that matches your take-no-prisoners attitude. When you’re ready to take command of your car’s audio system, enlist Sound Ordnance P-Series speakers and win the battle for great sound.

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